What is Ozihelp?

OziHELP stands for Australian Citizenship test help guide, was designed purposely to assist new immigrants of getting familiar with the contents of the test by having a software designed with question and multiple choice answers based on the information in the (latest) official test booklet "Australian Citizenship - Our Common Bond" produced by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border protection (DIBP).

The software is a standalone program installed into your PC from the CD provided and it is compatible with most Microsoft Windows based operating systems.

Besides using it as an interactive help guide for the citizenship test, we have also provided questions based in the non-testable section in the booklet as a complimentarily and useful resource for those who are keen to further their knowledge about the history, government and cultural background of Australia.

In this site, you can buy the full version of OzihelpTM or download the demo version of OzihelpTM for free. The site also contain the important links and informations about the newly introduced Australian citizenship test.

OziHelpTM is made by an Australian company who understand the difficulties of the newly introduced Citizenship test impose on new immigrants. We help and assist their dreams of becoming an Australian Citizenship by introducing an ease of use software for them to study at their own pace to pass the citizenship test first time. This product is made and designed in Australia. There are distributors and resellers located in Melbourne and Sydney.