ANZAC commemoration is approaching centenary for Australian citizens

Published on April 25, 2014, By admin

Today Australian citizens commemorate on Anzac Day. Which is a public holiday in Australia. Many Australian citizens will gathered across the country to attend the services of ANZAC ceremony. These ceremonies began in the hours of early morning with the dawn services, followed by the marching of all legions and defence personnels, and then in the afternoon there will be commemoration services at the war memorial and a sunset ceremony services in the evening to concluded a day of commemoration and relflects on the historical signifances of ANZAC.


For the ANZAC ceremonies this year in Canberra, special guests from the Royal family Prince Williams and Duchess of Cambridge also attended.


This year also mark the 99th anniversary at the landing on ANZAC cove of Gallipolli since 1915. Which also coincided with the 100th Anniversary of World War I and the 70th anniversary of World War II.


At ANZAC Cove in Gallipolli, similar commemoration ceremonies had also be held and gathered by thousands of Australian who specifically flew there to attend all commemoration ceremonial services. For the ANZAC centenarial anniversary next year in 2015, it had expected that tens of thousands will be attending.


Only about 4400 people went to commemoration ceremony in Gallipoli with people mostly from Australia and New Zealand.


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