Australia Day 2014 - Thousands obtains Australian citizenship

Published on January 28, 2014, By admin

BBQ is a modern traditions to celebrate Australia Day and also a public holiday.


Historically, Australia day is the celebration of the first fleet from the British Colony that sailed into Sydney Harbour in January 26th, 1788.


This year, more than 100 Australian citizenship ceremonies were held across the state as part of Australia Day celebrations. And while our newest citizens come from different nations and diverse backgrounds, they share a deep pride in their adopted country.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott conducted his first ever citizenship ceremony, welcoming 24 new citizens to the nation’s team as part of Australia Day celebrations.


For the very last time before her terms end in March, Governor-General Quentin Bryce conduct one of the Australian citizenship ceremony said ‘‘There is something very, very special about welcoming new members to our community and uniting all Australians under the values we share,’’ she said.


Advance Australia Fair is our national anthem, and it is sung during the Australian citizenship ceremony along with the citizenship pledge being an Australian.


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