Is the Australian Citizenship test too Hard? The politician think so!

Published on May 09, 2014, By admin

An article published By Lachlan Thompson of Fairfield Advance asked the following question in the testable section of the australian citizenship test this year 2014.


Which of these statements about state governments is correct?

A) The states have no constitution;

B) All states have the same constitution;

C) Each state has its own constitution.

*Correct answer is C, it's in page 26 of the Australian citizenship test study booklet - "Australian citizenship Our Common Bond" 

Not surpisingly, even for the locally born and educated australian citizens are unsure to provide a correct answer.

The local's favourite selected answer to this question is either A or C.
"Can I Google it? No? I'll go with C. That was tough for me and I grew up here so, yeah, I think it's a bit tough for people trying to become citizen" quote from Olivia Gutensohn in Rose Bay.

What surprising though is that one of the local politician found it difficult. "I can explain it but that's from someone who went to school here, and I don't think knowing the answer is going to mean someone makes a lesser contribution to society" quoted from the article.

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Statistically there are an average 20% of participants failed the test in their first attempt. In our experience from one of our customer had told us that 5 out of 14 people failed the test during that session. The interperation is that the failure rate can varied and up to 40%. Although 98% will eventually pass their test in their subsequent attempts.


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