Australian Citizenship - Refugee weeks

Published on June 29, 2011, By admin

Last week 19-25 June,2011 was the Refugee week in Australia.


During the week, there will be more than 200 events held in Australia to show the importance of Australia contribution and its responsbility to the refugee and humanitarian program according to the UN conventions. 


In Australia last year, there were around 13,000 refugee settled here and many of these will try to obtained Australian citizenship once they have proven their asylum status and gain permanent residence.


The following video is from DIAC, watch and listen as the Sholl family from Sudan, discuss what Australian citizenship means to them as they celebrate becoming Australian citizens during Refugee Week




Even for people with a status as a refugee, you are still require to sit and pass the Australian citizenship test and along with other citizenship requirements to gain the Australian citizenship.


The purpose of the Australian citizenship test is to show that you can speak basic English and that you have a knowledge of Australia and the responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship.


We welcome all newly pledged Australian Citizen or those that have pass the Australian citizenship test during Refugee weeks


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