Constitution Day 2012 for Australian citizen

Published on July 29, 2012, By admin

9th of July of every year is the official day 'constitution day'.


Historically, the Australian constitution was initiated from Queen Victoria after she gave the Royal assent in July 9th 1900. Then the nation Australia was born and its people is now Australian citizens instead of just being British empire colonist.


The constitution is a piece of legal document that set out the basic rules for government of Australia on its Australian citizens.


During the 'Constitution day', there will be events held for Australian citizens in the National Archive.


The Australian constitution is an important part of the Australian Citizenship test as detail informations are found in section 3 of the testable sections of the official study booklet of the Australian citizenship test.


Questions will be asked about the Constitution in the Australian citizenship test for those immigrants who wish to apply for Australian citizenship, must be mandatory sitting for the Australian citizenship test.


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