DIAC released virally the new DVD preparation resources for the Australian Citizenship test

Published on July 10, 2011, By admin

DIAC  (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) released a set of youtube clips on their youtube channel ImmiTV about the preparation of the Australian Citizenship Test


They consisted of 6 clips which run a total of approx 40 mins, and they are interactive and audio summaries of the official study booklet "Australian Citizenship - Our Common Bond".


Title Summary of the clips:

The full DVD can be obtained from DIAC freely from their website.


Over the the course of next couple of weeks, we will review and blog about how these videos will improve your Australian citizenship test preparation and also demonstrate how the video can be used with the Ozihelp - Australian Citizenship test Help Guide.


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1) DIAC official Youtube channel - ImmiTV 

2) "Australian Citizenship - Our Common Bond" By DIAC

3) DIAC offical website