Easter holiday for Australian Citizens

Published on April 25, 2011, By admin

Easter holiday was originate from the Religion of Judeo-Christian. Where Judeo-Christian consisted of about 64% of Australian Citizens with religious belief in Australia.


The easter holiday for Australian citizens started on a good friday, and also comprise of easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Most Christian will celebrate easter by attending church services.


For other Australian citizens with and/or without religious beliefs, the most common tradition for Australian Citizens to celebrate easter is by sending and receiving gifts such chocolate eggs, and a chocolate made into the shape of a rabbit call "Easter bunnies". 


In Sydney, NSW, there is a well known event called the Royal Easter Show for its Australian citizens. The Royal Easter show is being held annually during the Easter break. The duration of the event is usually about 2 weeks and draws about 900,000 people including tourist worldwide and Australian citizens. Inside the show, it comprises amusement ride, showbag of exhibitors and display of achievement in Australian's Agriculture.


The Royal Easter show is a very popular event for its Australian citizens.


These 4 days of easter holiday also result other Australian citizens to travel into various part of interstate and enjoy a fantastic long weekend as part of the Australian culture.




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