National Sorry Day for Indigenious Australian Citizen

Published on May 27, 2011, By admin

Yesterday the 26th May is called the Australian Sorry Day to commemorate the dark histories at the treatment of the indigenous Australian citizen. In fact, the Australian citizenship of the indigenous people was not recognised until 1967.


In 1997, according to the report "Bring them Home: the Stolen Children" published by the Australian human right commission, there were accounts of Australian indigenious children being taken away from their family and forcifully to be adopted by the non-indigenious Australian citizen and community.


The action of the stolen children had caused divided between the indigenous Australian citizen and general Australian population. During the period of the stolen children there had been reported of abused, and these had impacted on the mental effect to the indigenous Australian Citizen.


Finally, in 1998 after the review of the report, the Australian government declared 26th May as National Sorry Day.


National Sorry Day is not a public holiday in Australia or any states, it is merely a day for all Australian citizens to take a reflection, show respect and condolances to the dark histories impacted on indigenous Australian citizen.


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