Never too late to become an Australian Citizens

Published on February 18, 2010, By admin

Congratulation to 92-year-old Iris Boatfield from Queensland, who became an Australian citizen at the of 92 years old.

“Mrs Boatfield is one of only a few people in their 90s the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is aware of who has made the pledge to become an Australian citizen,” a spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) said.

There have been more than four million people who have become Australian citizens since the Nationality and Citizenship Act came into effect in 1949 and Mrs Boatfield became one of them. 

People from the UK is the largest nationality group that contributed a number of 18,510 (last year) to become Australian citizens.

As far as we know, people whose age is 60 years or over, they are exempted to sit on the mandatory citizenship test. To find out more about the exemption and whether applicants are eligible to these exemptions on the citizenship test, click here

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