Australia Day 2013

Published on January 27, 2013, By admin

Yesterday was Australia day, it is the day captain cook arrived in Australia east coast in 1788 with its 'First Fleet'.


Many celebration were held across Australia, these included fireworks, panic in the park and outdoor live concert.


Each year an honourable Australian citizen will be selected to be 'Australian of the year'.


Ita Buttrose was selected as Australian of the year for 2013 and also m any other Australian citizens are selected in the honour list. This year notable people such as Clive James was in the list.


Yesterday it is also a popular day of the year for the Australian citizenship ceremonies.

More than 430 ceremonies were held across the country at their local councils.


This year, we have a record number of more than 17,000 new citizens from over 145 countries.


In NSW alone there will be 3763 new citizens from 113 different countries.


In order for permanent resident to obtain the Australian citizenship, it is mandatory to sit and pass the Australian citizenship test. Once they have passed the Australian citizenship test, they will be attending the citizenship ceremony where they are require to pledged to meet the responsibility as an Australian citizen.


Congratulation to all new Australian citizens pledged their citizenship during the Australia Day ceremonies and happy Australia Day.


Let's celebrate the Australia day with our version of the national Anthem 'Advance Australia Fair'


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