Australian Citizenship Day 2012

Published on September 17, 2012, By admin

Today 17th of September, is the Australian citizenship Day.  September 17 was chosen as Australian Citizenship Day as it is the anniversary of the renaming, in 1973, of the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 to the Australian Citizenship Act 1948.


This day was introduced to provide an occasion for individuals, schools, community groups and organisations to celebrate and value Australian citizenship and the peaceful, prosperous and inclusive society we share.



Australian Citizenship Day is an opportunity for all of us—whether Australian by birth or by choice—to reflect on the role we play in building our nation and shaping our country's future as proud Australian citizens.


During the Australian citizenship ceremony, newly pledged Australian citizens are required to swore in for the Australian citizenship pledge and then finally sing the national anthem - "Advance Australia Fair". We have provided the full version exclusively.


To become an Australian citizen, since October 2007, you must first pass the Australian citizenship test. Those who become an Australian during the citizenship day, we would like to congratulate them to be part of this great country.


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