DIAC announce changes for Australian Citizenship applications by Conferral for applicants outside of Australia

Published on April 01, 2011, By admin

From 1st April 2011, DIAC announced that arrangements for the lodgement of applications for Australian Citizenship by conferral by appliccants who are outside Australia will change.


In their website, they answered some of these questions.

  • How do i lodge my application for Citizenship by Conferral if i am outside of Australia?
  • How do i pay the application fee?
  • Can I lodge my application online? 
  • I lodged my application prior to 1st April 2011. Where is my application now?
  • I lodged my application directly with the Overseas Citizenship Unit after 1st April 2011. Where will I sit for my Australian citizenship test?
  • I am unable to attend my appointment. Can i reschedule my Australian citizenship test or interview? 
  • How long will it take to process my citizenship application?

DIAC also said the reason the lodgement arrangement was changed because "The department is undergoing a wide-ranging tranformation program. The direct lodgement of applications to the processing office will reduce delays and enable more efficient processing."


As the Australian citizenship test is continue to be compulsory and the pass mark is still 75% or above i.e 15 out of 20 questions correct. Hence for those with limited English or computer skills or those who just want to prepare for their Australian citizenship test easier. The Australian citizenship test help guide (Ozihelp) is still available for your assistance.


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[Source] DIAC - Department of Immigration and Citizenship