DIAC announce changes to Australian citizenship services for the Gold Coast region

Published on July 07, 2011, By admin

DIAC announce there are changes to the Australian Citizenship services in Gold Coast region because the closure of its Southport office.


Some of the questions raised by the closure are list in their website, these included:

  • How do i access Australian Citizenship services after the closure of the Gold Coast Region office (Southport)?
  • I have lodged my application. What is the next step?
  • I lodged my application prior to 1 July 2011, where is my application now?
  • Will the Australian citizenship tests continue to be available in the Gold Coast Region? 
  • Where will i sit for the Australian Citizenship test or attend an Interview? 
  • I have an Australian citizenship test appointment booked. Can I change the location of the test? 
  • Will there be any changes to citizenship ceremonies?

The particular questions about the Australian citizenship test is stated by DIAC as follow:


Yes. Citizenship tests in the Gold Coast area will be available through the Centrelink office in Tweed Heads. The department is working towards ensuring that citizenship testing and interviewing will commence in late July 2011. It is expected that appointments will be held in Tweed Heads on a schedule of visits approximately every six weeks thereafter.


Citizenship testing in the Southport office will cease on 15 June 2011.If you need to reschedule your current appointment to after 15 June 2011, you can make an appointment in Brisbane by contacting the citizenship information line on 131 880.


DIAC also stated that, Australian citizenship test appointment can be reschedule. For more information, reader are adviced to go to DIAC website.


Since, there are no annnounce made to the on the Australian Citizenship test. It is continue to be compulsory and the pass mark is still 75% or above i.e 15 out of 20 questions correct. Hence for those with limited English or computer skills or those who just want to prepare for their Australian citizenship test easier. The Australian citizenship test help guide (Ozihelp) is still available for your assistance.


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Source: DIAC - Department of Immigration and Citizenship