New Australian Citizen celebrate their citizenship on Australia Day

Published on January 26, 2012, By admin

According to DIAC, Citizenship ceremony on Australia Day is a popular day which attracts 13 to 700 people.


The DIAC spokesman had said, "The popularity of affirmation ceremonies continues to grow with more and more existing Australian citizens affirming their commitment to Australia at stand-alone events as well as at citizenship ceremonies,”


The affirmation ceremonies was introduced in 1999 as an opportunity for currently pledged citizens or natural citizens to express their pride and loyalty to the nation. Australia Day is a celebration on the arrival of first fleet from the former British Empire in January 26th, 1788. 


The DIAC spokesman also said “We have seen a growing trend of councils, aged care facilities, community organisations and schools conducting affirmation ceremonies on special occasions such as Australia Day.” On Australia, more than 125 councils across the nation including the affirmation ceremony as part of the Australian Day celebrations. 


“Through citizenship and affirmation ceremonies, we reflect on the freedoms, responsibilities and privileges that go hand-in-hand with being an Australian.

“Affirmation ceremonies increase community awareness of Australian citizenship, promote community participation and help build pride in Australians about their citizenship.


More information about the affirmation ceremonies can be found in


In order for permanent resident to obtain the Australian citizenship, it is mandatory to sit and pass the Australian citizenship test. Once they have passed the Australian citizenship test, they will be attending the citizenship ceremony where they are require to pledged to meet the responsibility as an Australian citizen.


Congratulation to all new Australian citizens pledged their citizenship during the Australia Day ceremonies and happy Australia Day.


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